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Aristopharma introduces Laczym Chewable Tablet for the people who can not digest milk

Aristopharma has recently introduced First Time in Bangladesh Laczym chewable tablet, the preparation of lactase 9000 IU. Lactose present in milk is digested by an enzyme called “Lactase”. Normally lactase remains in human body, but many people fail to produce adequate lactase to digest lactose. They experience gas, bloating, diarrhea, abdominal cramp etc while taking milk & milk products. Laczym Chewable Tablet would be a blessing for this group of people. From now onwards they would be able to take milk & milk product comfortably if they take 1 Laczym Chewable Tablet before milk. Because Laczym Tablet contains that natural enzyme Lactase, which is required to digest milk & milk products. It’s a very safe drug. In fact worldwide Lactase is considered as a dietary supplement, not as a drug. It works naturally and can be used by everyone aged 4 years and above. It is suggested to chew 1 tablet before taking any milk product. If needed 2 tablets can be taken at a time. Laczym Chewable Tablet can be used every day and every time before taking milk and milk products.