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Aristomol (Timolol)

Therapeutic Group : Antiglaucoma

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The action of Aristomol is usually rapid occurring approx. 20 minutes following ocular instillation. The maximum effect occurs in one to two hours and significant lowering of intraocular pressure has been maintained for periods as long as 24 hours with Aristomol 0.50%. Aristomol has the action of reducing elevated intraocular pressure, whether or not accompanied by glaucoma.Pharmacological characteristics of Timolol Maleate, the active ingredient of Aristomol Eye Drops, are: Non-selective beta blocking agent. No intrinsic sympathomimetic activity (I.S.A.). Non significant local anaesthetic effect (membrane stabilizer). Unlike miotics, Aristomol has practically no effect on pupil size or accommodation. No accommodative spasm or change in visual acuity are observed. As with other antiglaucoma drugs, a diminished responsiveness to Aristomol has been reported in some patients after prolonged therapy. Systemic absorption: Plasma levels following ocular instillation have not been specified.