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Fusidate (Sodium Fusidate)

Therapeutic Group : Skin care product

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Sodium Fusidate, an antibiotic derived from Fusidium coccineum, exerts powerful activity against a number of gram-positive organisms. Staphylococci, including the strains resistant to penicillin or other antibiotics, are particularly susceptible to Fusidate. The therapeutic efficacy of topically applied Fusidate is due partly to the pronounced antibacterial activity of Fusidate against the organisms responsible for skin infection and partly to the unique ability of this antibiotic to penetrate intact skin. Fusidic Acid is an anti-microbial agent that acts as an inhibitor of protein synthesis in the microorganism. It interferes with the translocation step by stabilizing the ribosome-guanosine dephosphate elongation factor G-complex. This prevents binding of aminoacyl t-RNA to the ribosome and thereafter stops transfer of additional amino acids to the growing polypeptide.