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Tenocard (Atenolol)

Therapeutic Group : Cardiovascular

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Atenolol is a cardioselective, beta-1 adrenergic blocking agent, preferably in the heart. The principal physiologic action of Atenolol is to competitively block adrenergic receptors within the myocardium and within vascular smooth muscle. Atenolol also slows conduction in the atrioventricular (AV) node. Atenolol is effective for at least 24 hours after a single oral dose. Only about 50-60% of an oral dose of Atenolol is absorbed from gastrointestinal tract. Approximately 5% of Atenolol is bound to plasma protein and is well distributed in most tissues and fluids except brain and CSF. Patients with normal renal function, Atenolol has pasma half-life of 6 to 7 hours.