Therapeutic Group : Vitamins & Minerals



    Calbon Tablet: Each film coated tablet contains Calcium Carbonate USP
    1250 mg equivalent to elemental Calcium 500 mg.


    Raised Calcium requirement, e.g. during pregnancy and lactation and in children & adolescents at the time of rapid growth.
    Inadequate intake of Calcium in the diet due to malnutrition.
    Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.
    Disorders of osteogenesis and tooth formation (in addition to specific treatment)
    Latent tetany.

Dosage & Administration

    Adult: One tablet (500 mg elemental Calcium) daily or as directed by the physician. Higher doses should not be taken unless recommended by the physician.
    Children: 250 mg elemental Calcium daily or as directed by the physician.
    Adolescents: 250-500 mg elemental Calcium daily or as directed by the physician.


    Hypersensitivity to the Calcium Carbonate or any inactive ingredient of the medication. Hypercalcemia (e.g. in hyperparathyroidism, overdosage of vitamin D, demineralizing tumours such as plasmacytomas and bone metastases), severe hypercalcuria, several renal insufficiency.

Warning & Precautions

    In the presence of mild hypercalciuria, excretion levels must be carefully monitored and where necessary the dose of calcium carbonate should be reduced or treatment should be stopped. Patients with a history of stone formation should also be recommended to increase their fluid intake. High dosage of vitamin D should be avoided during Calcium therapy unless specifically indicated.

Side effects

    In rare cases flatulence, diarrhoea or constipation.

Drug interaction

    Oral Calcium can reduce the absorption of tetracycline and fluoride preparations, and in interval of at least 3 hours should therefore be allowed between ingestion of these medications. Vitamin D increases enteral absorption of Calcium. The intestinal uptake of calcium from Calbon tablets may be reduced by concomitant ingestion of certain foods (e.g. spinach, rhubarb, bran, and other cereal products, milk and milk products). At high doses and in combination with vitamin D, Calcium may decrease the response to Verapamil and possibly to other Calcium antagonists. In digitalized patients, high doses of Calcium may increase the risk of cardiac arrhythmias.

Use in special groups


    Calbon Tablet: Each box contains 45's tablets in blister pack.