M. A. Hassan


We started importing and marketing foreign medicines in 1975 under the name of Hassan Corporation. In fact, that was the foundation of our pharmaceutical business in Bangladesh. In 1986 we formed Aristopharma and started manufacturing our own products in a small plant at Khilgaon and then in 1990, we built our ultra-modern GMP standard plant at Shampur-Kadamtali I/A. When we started manufacturing medicines, my father was alive at that time & he told me “Don’t manufacture any medicine which you can't offer me and my family members”.

This simple statement of my father actually directed the quality philosophy of our company. Since that day we use our own medicines & we never manufacture anything, which we can't take by ourselves. That’s why we have kept our slogan as “Quality- the unit we count” and we always confidently say that, if anyone takes our medicine he or she will get good results.

Today, different clinical trials have also proved that our products are of international standards. And that’s why Aristopharma is here in this position today. Not only that we are exporting our medicines to many countries of the world. I remember my father who directed our quality philosophy & thanks all our employees for upholding that philosophy and also thankful to the doctors’ community of the country for believing in us & keeping trust in our products. I am sure with our commitment & doctors’ trust Aristopharma will reach further heights in the coming days.