Aristopharma Ltd. has launched Fibosyl-S Powder, which is the preparation of Psyllium husk & Senna extract.

Fibosyl-S is the combination of Psyllium fiber (Bulk-forming laxative) & Senna extract (stimulant laxative). Its fiber contains mucilage and Senna extract contains hydroxyanthracene glycosides (as Sennoside B) that help to relieve constipation and normalize bowel action. The additive effect of Fibosyl-S is ensured for its combination partners. This special combination preparation accelerates intestinal passage and increases water absorption to increase filling pressure. Fibosyl-S helps to reduce pain by easy bowel evacuation with soft stool for patients suffering from hemorrhoids (piles), rectal surgery, and colon cancer. It has soothing effects on gastric and intestinal mucosa, gastric irritation, and ulceration. Fibosyl-S lowers serum cholesterol levels (LDL) and blood glucose levels.