Marketing, Sales & Distribution

The Sales and Marketing Manager's responsibilities include generating unique sales plans, creating engaging advertisements, emails, and promotional literature, developing pricing strategies, and meeting marketing and sales human resource objectives.

Product Management

The Product Management Department lies in the center of all marketing activities. A dedicated team with solid professional background comprising Pharmacists, Biochemists& MBAs work in this department. They formulate the strategies to uphold the market share of company’s products, select and introduce new products to keep the company growing and develop promotional materials for the sales people to win in the market.


The Sales Department lies as an important part of marketing as they do the implementation part of all strategies. A large team of around 3000 highly skilled sales people work throughout the country to bring in success for the company. Team spirit remains as the key to success of the sales department of Aristopharma.

Clinical Research & Medical Services

In Aristopharma, we believe that our responsibility does not end only in manufacturing and marketing quality medicines but also extends to the total improvement of the healthcare sector of the country.

To do this, Aristopharma has established an independent Clinical Research and Medical Services Department (CRMSD) for the first time in Bangladesh.

CRMSD comprising of medical graduates, Pharmacists & Biochemists, assists in conducting Clinical Research with our own medicines on our local people upon collaboration with different medical institutes & universities. It also arranges seminars & symposia, publishes newsletters & articles and provides other professional services to the doctors.


To make its quality products available at every corner of the country, Aristopharma has a strong distribution network consisting of 27 depots throughout the country.

A dedicated team of around 1200 people and a fleet of vehicles comprising delivery vans, three wheelers etc. are engaged in the timely distribution of the products throughout the country.

Moreover, for distributing its Insulin throughout the country it strictly maintains a cold chain with specialized temperature -controlled vans, cool gel bag, cool box etc.