Musclex (Tolperisone Hydrochloride) is a centrally acting muscle relaxant that has been used for the symptomatic treatment of spasticity and muscle pain. It effectively reduces muscular hypertonicity, improves peripheral blood flow by vasodilation and reduces pain.Tolperisone Hydrochloride shows high affinity towards the ion-channels in the cell membrane of the nervous system where it inhibits the active sodium-channels of neuronal membrane. Based on this membran establishing activity, Musclex reduces the frequency of the action potential of nociceptive afferent peripheral nerves and reduces the increased mono- and polysynaptic reflex activity in the spinal cord. 


    Musclex Tablet: Each film coated tablet contains Tolperisone Hydrochloride INN 50 mg.


    Musclex is indicated for the conditions listed below:
    Painful muscle spasm associated with disorders of the locomotor system: Low back pain, sciatica, overstrain of joints, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, herniated disc, spondylosis, nerve root compression caused by osteoporosis, soft tissue inflammation (bursitis, periarthritis, humeroscapsularis).
    Muscle spasticity associated with neurological conditions: Stroke induced hemiparesis or hemiplegia, pyramidal tract lesion, multiple sclerosis, myelopathies, encephalomyelitis, spinal automatisms, paralysis spinalis spastica, cerebral palsy.
    Decreased peripheral circulation as seen in: Atherosclerosis obliterans, endarteritis obliterans, thromboangitis obliterans, Raynaud's disease, acrocyanosis, intermittent angioneurotic dysbasia.
    Special paediatric indications: Little's disease (spastic paralysis) and other encephalopathies accompanied by dystonia.
    Rehabilitation: Treatment after limb fractures followed by long term fixation, postoperative therapy of traumatological and orthopedic limb surgery, rehabilitation of hemiplegic patients.

Dosage & Administration

    Adults: The total daily dose is 150-450 mg, divided into 3 equal doses, according to the individual requirements and tolerance of the patient.
    Children: From 3 months to 6 years: 5-10 mg/kg body weight/day, divided into 3 doses. 6-14 years: 4-12 mg/kg body weight/day, divided into 3 doses.


    Previously known hypersensitivity to Tolpreisone.

Warning & Precautions

    In case of children, the prescribed dose and duration of treatment should be closely observed.

Side effects

    Side effects are rare. Muscular weakness, somnolence may sometimes occur, particularly in paediatric cases but these symptoms cease after reducing the dose.

Drug interaction

    Concomitant use of Methocarbamol with Tolperisone has been reported to cause disturbance of visual accommodation.

Use in special groups

    Use in Pregnancy & Lactation: Tolperisone should be used in pregnancy according to physician's advice. Tolperisone should not be used during breast-feeding.


    Musclex Tablet: Each box contains 50's tablets in blister pack.