Paracetamol is an analgesic & antipyretic and caffeine which acts to further help the effectiveness of paracetamol.


    Xpa-C Tablet: Each tablet contains Paracetamol BP 500 mg and Caffeine BP 65 mg.


    Xpa-C Tablet is an analgesic and antipyretic formulated to give extra pain relief. The tablet is recommended for the treatment of most painful and febrile conditions, for example, headache including migraine, backache, toothache, neuralgia, rheumatic pain and dysmenorrhoea, and relief of the symptoms of colds, influenza and sore throat.

Dosage & Administration

    Adults: Elderly and children 12 years and over: 2 tablets every 4-6 hours as required to maximum 8 tablets.



    Hypersensitivity to Paracetamol, Caffeine or any of the other component of the tablet.

Warning & Precautions

    Use with caution in alcoholism, decreased kidney function and liver disease.

Side effects

    Adverse effects are rare but hypersensitivity including skin rash may occur.

Drug interaction

    The speed of absorption of paracetamol may be increased by metoclopramide or domperidone and reduced by cholestyramine. The anticoagulant effect of warfarin and other coumarins may be enhanced by prolonged regular daily use of paracetamol with increased risk of bleeding; occasional doses have no significant effect.


Use in special groups

    Epidemiological studies in human pregnancy have shown no ill effects due to paracetamol and caffeine used in the recommended dosage,  but patients should follow the advice of their doctor regarding its use. Paracetamol and caffeine are excreted in  breast milk but not in a clinically significant amount. There are no known harmful effects when this medicine is used by breast feeding mothers.


    Xpa-C Tablet: Each box contains 200's tablets in blister pack.