Povidone-Iodine, chemically polyvinylpyrrolidone-iodine is a complex of Iodine and organic polymer, Povidone. It has a rapid and prolonged germicidal activity against a wide spectrum of pathogenic organisms including both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, fungi, protozoa, virus and yeasts. It is active against bacterial spores. Even it is active in the presence of blood, serum, purulent exudate and necrotic tissues.



    Arodin Gargle and Mouth-Wash: A pleasant flavoured solution containing Povidone-Iodine USP 1% w/v (0.1% w/v available Iodine).
    Arodin Solution: A brown aqueous solution containing Povidone-Iodine USP 10% w/v ( equivalent to available Iodine 1 gm).
    Arodin Ointment: Each gm ointment contains Povidone-Iodine USP 50 mg equivalent to available Iodine 5 mg.


    Gargle and Mouth-Wash: For infected inflammatory conditions of the mouth and pharynx caused by bacterial infections and in dental surgery. Solution: 1) Pre-operative and post-operative skin disinfection of surgical sites, 2) As an antiseptic of hydrotherapy equipments, 3) For the treatment of acne vulgaris of the face and neck and pyogenic skin condition, 4) Bacterial and myotic skin infections. Ointment: 1) For the treatment and prevention of infections in cuts and abrasions, minor surgical procedures, and other topical lesion, 2) As an adjunct to systemic therapy, in the treatment of primary or secondary topical infections, decubitus or stasis ulcer, pyoderms and infected traumatic lesions.

Dosage & Administration

    Gargle and Mouth-Wash: Adults and children over 6 years, gargle with up to 10 ml undiluted or diluted with an equal quantity of warm water for up to 30 seconds, up to 4 times daily for up to 14 days. Solution: Apply the full strength as often as required as a paint or wet soak. For minor wounds and infection apply directly to the affected area. The site may be covered with gauze or adhesive bandage. Ointment: Apply ointment directly to the affected area after being cleaned and dried. May be covered with a dressing or bandage.


    Avoid regular use in patients with thyroid disorders or those receiving lithium therapy and who shows hypersensitivity to Iodine.

Warning & Precautions

Side effects

    Idiosyncratic mucosal irritation and hypersensitivity reactions rarely, may interfere with thyroid-function tests.

Drug interaction

Use in special groups

    Use in pregnancy & lactation: Use with caution in pregnancy and breast feeding.


    Arodin Gargle and Mouth-Wash: Each bottle contains 100 ml mouth-wash.
    Arodin Solution: Each bottle contains 100 ml / 1 litre solution.
    Arodin Ointment: Each tube contains 10 gm / 25 gm ointment.