Vinpocetine facilitates metabolism by improving blood flow to the brain, boosting brain cell ATP production and increasing utilization of glucose and oxygen by neurons. Vinpoicetine increases the production of naradrenaline and dopamine, contributing, in this way, to the release of cartooning and the concentration of acetylcholine and thereby acts as a powerful memory enhancer.


    Vinton Tablet: Each tablet contains Vinpocetine INN 5 mg.


    For the treatment of psychic and neurological symptoms of cerebral circulatory disfunction of various origin, vasovegetative syndrome. Encephalopathy due to hypertension, angiospatic states, cerebral insufficiency, cerebral endarteritis. It is also used in cerebral ischaemia and cerebral arteriosclerosis.
    In ophthalmology : Arteriosclerotic alternation of the retina, chorioidea, secondary glaucoma due to partial thrombosis.
    In otology : Vascular presbyacusis, vertigo.

Dosage & Administration

    1-2 tablets 3 times a day or as advised by the physician.


    Pregnancy, hypersensitivity to Vinpocetine.

Warning & Precautions

Side effects

    Transient hypotension, tachycardia may occur.

Drug interaction

    Incompatible with Heparin.

Use in special groups


    Vinton Tablet: Each box contains 100's in blister pack.