Aristopharma introduces new Herbal Division

Aristopharma Ltd. has recently launched their new Herbal Division with a brand new, dedicated Herbal Plant built as per WHO-cGMP guidelines in their new Gazipur factory campus. This state-of-the-art plant is equipped to meet both local and global needs. Herbal medicines are safe for both human & environment and they not only cure diseases but also help to prevent diseases. Hence, use of Herbal medicines is increasing day by day especially in the developed countries of Europe & America. In our country herbal medicines were previously manufactured by small farms manually in small houses & hence confidence of doctors & patients on herbal medicines were low. But recently, big pharmaceutical companies are coming with these Herbal products, and hence confidence in herbal products is increasing in our country too. The latest addition in this journey is Aristopharma Herbal Division. Being the latest entrant in this market, Aristopharma Herbal Division has got the opportunity to employ the latest machinery and technology to manufacture the best quality herbal products with raw materials mostly from Europe and America. Initially, the journey begins with the following products keeping many more in the pipeline, including Probiotic preparations.

  • Fibosyl Powder in Container & Sachet (Ispaghula Husk): The Natural Laxative
  • Arulina-500 Capsule (Spirulina): Natural Protein for Diabetic, Cardiac & Obese Patients
  • Hepamarin-140 Capsule (Silymarin): Natural Remedy for Hepatic Patients
  • Joinflex-40 Capsule (Native Type Collagen): Improves Joint Comfort, Mobility & Flexibility
  • Anseng-500 Capsule (Panax ginseng): Increases Strength, Stamina & Vitality
  • Ginkgo-B 60 Capsule (Ginkgo biloba): Improves Blood Circulation, Provides Neuroprotection
  • Primrole-500 & 1000 Softgel Capsule (Evening Primrose Oil): Promotes Female Health