Aristopharma launches Ariscon suspension

Ariscon Suspension is the superior antacid by action which ensures faster relief from heartburn. Conventional Antacids only neutralize stomach acid but are unable to stop acid reflux. Ariscon Suspension not only neutralizes stomach acid but also stops acid reflux.Sodium Alginate of Ariscon Suspension forms raft just after ingestion & gives long-term protection to esophagus from stomach acid. On the other hand,Sodium Bicarbonate & Calcium Carbonate of Ariscon Suspension neutralize stomach acid just after ingestion.Ariscon Suspension is safe & effective for use even in pregnancy.Moreover, Ariscon Suspension is free from sugar & gluten and hence safe for all type of patients including diabetes patients. On the top of all Ariscon Suspensionis provided in glass bottle like international brand, which ensures the product quality till shelf life.